4 Alternatives to Bong Water That You Must Try!

A great trend or “high-dea” with bongs ever since the emergence of vaporizers has been to replace water with another liquid for a unique taste or high.

Here are 4 suggestions that we can recommend if you are up to experimenting with your bong water:


1. Infused Water

Anything from orange and lemon peels to mint leaves, ginger, or refreshing fruits such as kiwi, lime, or strawberry can add just the right touch to the experience. If you enjoy citrus flavor, these acidic fruits have an added advantage of helping to keep your glass clean. 

After consuming your orange / lemon fruits, the peels when sliced into bong water produces quite an awesome taste of citrus which is good as it helps keep the bong clean. Whether you want to find new ways to keep your bong clean, or if you want to add flavor to your hoots, this is a great way to experiment with your bong.


2. Tea (Hot or Cold)

Tea is a fabulous way to add flavor to your tokes, just ensure that you do not add any sugar. If the tea is sugared, the cleaning of the bong afterwards will be arduous and hard. But unsweeetend tea, hot or cold can infuse your cannabis with just the right flavor and can be downright therapeutic.

The same principles of water apply to tea. Cold water is a better condenser of smoke and this allows more smoke to be inhaled, thereby giving a better high feeling.Though it creates a little harshness in the throat. Iced tea as an alternative to bong water offers a pretty unique and amazing feel while using your bong. If you do love to put some of the ice cubes in water, you should also make it happen while using tea as a bong water alternative.

Warm water, on the other hand, creates smoothness in the throat and is better at filtering substances like hashes etc. Hot tea is a great and amazing alternative to bong water as it promises a smoother hit, unlike cold water that gives a very harsh and mild feeling on the throat.



Wine gives an amazing flavour combination, and opting for red or white wine gives you a wider choice. Choose a wine with lower alcohol content and the flavor generated will be well worth the experiment.

Wine with very low alcoholic content does make a good solvent since THC is the active ingredient in cannabis (marijuana) is soluble in alcohol and this would, therefore, put you at risk of losing part of the THC in your weed. Do not use high alcohol content alternatives such as vodka as alcohol does not combine well with fire in the same atmosphere and with such proximity.


4. Cranberry Juice

When it comes to popular alternatives to bong water, cranberry juice is the bread winner. Cranberry juice is one of the most common alternatives to bong water as it offers a smooth hit and promises extra magic to your bong experiences. The acidic nature of cranberries helps keep your bongs clean for a long time and gives you less of stress when due for a cleaning.

Its rumored that cranberry juice gives better hit from the vitamin C content, but undeniably the flavour of the hit is fantastic. A better experience is if the juice is cold and fresh with no artificial additives, as this will give a natural taste explosion.





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