4 Tips to keep your Glass from Breaking

It’s happened to nearly everyone: You're at a party and you leave your cherished  glass too close to the edge of a counter or ledge; or you pack your bong, bubbler or pipe in a backpack for an outing only to unpack it to find it in pieces; or there you are feeling super cool with a brand new, beloved glass in your hand when something makes a noise or you lose your grip... then crash! Down she goes and she’s in a million pieces now. There are plenty of ways to break glass, but here are some tips to keep your favorite waterpipe, dab rig, pipe, or whatever it may be, in one piece.


1. Buy Quality 100% Borosilicate Glass

Buying quality, thick borosilicate glass prevents your pieces from being flimsy and easily breaking. All the glass on Los Heirberos is 100% borosilicate, we have done the research for you. But if you want tips for buying the best glass read our blog by clicking here. 

2. Clean your glass well and carefully

Keep your glass clean and cleanse it gently without being aggressive with sharp tools. Want to know the tips for cleaning glass well, read our blog here. 

3. Drain your glass before storing it

Make sure your glass is drained and dry before you store it. Temperature fluctuations or expansion of water due to cooling or freezing will crack your glass. Before you store your glass, drain the water chamber and let it dry.

4. Buy a carrying case

If you love your glass and don't want it damaged while transporting it, consider investing in a bag or carrying case for it. Some bags are designed specifically to keep glass safe when traveling, like the Vatra Tube Pouch.

The nature of glass is that is fragile, but with these 4 tips, you can minimize your breakage and maximize the life of your favorite pieces. Have any questions, hit us up! Because we love weed, do you?

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