4 Ways Cannabis can help with New Years Resolutions

New Year... New You? Cannabis has a number of health and related benefits that make it beneficial for many New Years Resolutions. Here are 4 ways it can help with your 2019 goals:
1. Helping with Weight Loss 
Smoking cannabis controls insulin levels in the body and therefore is linked to lower occurance of diabetes and obesity. A University of Laval study found smoking cannabis positively correlated to having lower body mass index, lower insulin levels, and lower body fat percentage.
2. Dealing with Depression
The brain naturally releases chemicals known as endocannabinoids, which halt in production when the body is under stress. This is linked to feelings of depression. A study by the University of Buffalo found that smoking marijuana when stressed, replaced the lacking natural endocannabinoid levels and relieved feelings of despair and depression.
3. Promoting Relaxation
The notorious effect of cannabis to help the body relax has been documented and confirmed by many studies. In 2018 a study by Washington State University reported marijuana users responded more calmly to stressful and upsetting situations than those not using the drug. 
4. Increasing Creativity
Cannabis has been found to re-activate and open blocked brain neural pathways. A study by UC Berkley found that smoking marijuana lead to an increase in activity in the frontal lobe, an area associated with creative thought. Cannabis is linked to being able to think differently and help artists with new concepts and ideas.
This is just a short list of how cannabis can help you with your goals in 2019, Happy New Years from Los Hierberos! Have any questions? Hit us up, because we love weed, do you?

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