4 Ways to make Easter/420 the Highest Holiday Ever

This year Easter and 420 fall on the same weekend, so why not celebrate them together?... here are 4 ideas to make it the "highest" holiday possible.

1. Smoke some Easter themed Strains: Pick some chocolate or candy strains like Ice Cream, Coco Haze, Mint Chocolate OG or Candy Kush for the occasion.

2. Make an Easter Bunny Pipe: Punch a hole in the head for your bowl, and a hole by the tail for your mouthpiece... and blaze. Afterwards you have the perfect chocolate treat for your munchies.

3. Bake some cannabis infused goodies: Use Cannabutter in your favorite brownie, cookie, or rice crispie square recipe.

Make some Cannabutter by following steps:

-Use 2 ounces of cannabis (ground) for every stick of butter

-Bring butter to boil on medium heat, then reduce heat to low.

-Add Cannabis and allow to simmer for 2.5 hours on low heat

-Remove from heat, and pour butter over cheesecloth into a container to remove solid herb. Put the container in refrigerator to harden. 

4. Bring on the whimsy!: Use some whimsical smoking tools like this silicone ice cream cone pipe!




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