5 Gifts Under $75 for your Favorite Cannabis Lover

Valentine's day is right around the corner. If your special someone loves cannabis here are 5 easy gifts they are sure to love for under $75 CAD and we will get them to you fast, discrete and FREE!

The ingenious design means the screw cools down smoke by doubling the length of the smoke path, giving the augur more time to absorb heat. The heat sink and path lengthening properties of the screw contribute to a 30% cooler hit. Need to ash? Simply twist the glass and you are ready to reload... no papers, no fuss.

The Upline Spoon carries through the iconic aesthetic of the Upline Brand. The trio of restrictions, similar to those found in the Percs, create added surface area, redirecting smoke airflow through the flute, cooling and Ash Catching every hit. The ergonomic mouthpiece and carb are both signature accoutrement of Micah Evans as the designer making this our go to daily driver for the smoker on the go.

The Yocan Magneto vaporizer is a game changer in wax vaping aromatherapy. This all-in-one device includes everything you need to vape on the go. The Magnetic Coil Cap with built-in dab tool and built-in concentrate container silicone jar make this compact modern device perfect wax vape pen for on the go vaping with incredible value compared to official suggested retail cost.
This Champagne Terminator finished dab rig is worth every penny (compare at $119.99), and will definitely warm their heart. 
Everyone can use a cool dabber afterall.
Did you see anything you like? If not hit up our site which is loaded with steals and deals for your lover or yourself (#selflove), because we love weed... do you?

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