5 Reasons Los Hierberos is Far Superior than any Brick and Mortar Store

At Los Hierberos, we consider it a privilege to help others enjoy our favorite herb. Deciding where to purchase glass, accessories and supplies is an important choice for cannabis connoisseur, primarily because this is a long-lasting purchase that greatly affects their enjoyment of their beloved stash. That’s why the perfect rig, bong, pipe or accessory is quintessential. Customers in location based brick and mortar headshops can purchase their pieces immediately, without the delay of waiting for shipment. They can also pick up, or visually inspect and feel their pieces. Despite these benefits, our online headshop model offers a more enjoyable shopping experience.

#1 Lower Prices

#1 is simple, we offer better prices and price is a critical consideration for consumers.

Like any retail store, brick and mortar headshops must pay fees like rent, utilities, and more, not to mention wages. Online headshops, on the other hand, do not have the costs that brick and mortar stores do.

The lack of these costs allows online headshops to charge at a much more reasonable rate. Furthermore, with the reach that an online headshop’s internet presence grants, the customer base is much larger. Thus, the scale that an online headshop sells at is substantially larger than a local headshop, especially in a smaller town or suburb.


#2 Convenient Shopping

Take your time browsing any time you have the time without worrying about opening hours. You can be in your pajamas, on your couch, with a joint. No need to worry about anyone seeing you or judging. Also, search the Internet and compare our pricing... our online headshop allows customers to investigate prices charged for similar products in other stores, and determine if the price is fair.


#3 Free, fast, Discreet Shopping

Customers need their products delivered to them in a quick, efficient manner. At Los Hierberos, its our priority to meet these needs by shipping products quickly, with no additional cost on orders over $50. To maintain customer privacy, we ship all of our products in discreet packaging that does not reveal the nature of the products. With this customer-based policy, we can help smokers to enjoy their ideal glass pipes without compromising enjoyment due to any delivery concerns.


#4 Knowledgeable Service

At many local headshops their staff may not be as knowledgeable and could not capable of answering in-depth questions about smoking paraphernalia that might influence your purchases. Los Hierberos is operated by smoking enthusiasts with an outstanding knowledge of their products.

Los Hierberos is always available to answer questions pertaining to our products. Ask us anything and we will do whatever it takes to get you the answer. We offer plenty of quality information in our blog too-- check it out!


#5 Quality Products

Los Hierberos stocks only quality glass from quality brands. Local headshops tend to purchase their products from local suppliers who are not as picky as us.



At Los Hierberos we want to give you the most convenient, speedy, service oriented experience EVER! Need our help with ANYTHING, hit us up! Because we love weed, do you? 

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