6 Things You Need For Highbernation

Its Winter, and baby, its cold outside. Many animals have entered hibernation. They have climbed into their hidey-holes and will not emerge until its warmer out. Hibernation may be frowned upon for humans, but nay, we insist small periods of high-bernation are perfectly reasonable and good for you. Highbernation is when you retreat to your home with your favorite glass and quality weed to hide from the cold, and inhospitable weather outside... for a day or a weekend or a week. Highbernation is not only thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable, its the height of cozy inside activities.  Here are 6 things you absolutely need for the best highbernation possible:

1. Your favorite glass. No brainer. You can't have highbernation without your special piece. Get the best quality herb and treat yourself.

2. Munchies. Not feeling satisfied, or making a food run is unacceptable for a full highbernation. You will need an abundance of your favorite snacks and nom noms.

3. Netflix and chill. You need at least a 3 season series to binge watch...

4. Blankets, blankets, blankets. If anyone can see the outline of your body from under the copious amount of covers, you need more blankets... think of the blanket fort from your younger years.

5. Roaring Fire. Find a fireplace and plant yourself beside it. Its gotta be toasty...

6. Coach, bed or equivalent. Pick your favorite lounge furniture and set up camp.

Once you have these things, you are set to go. Need help finding your perfect glass for your next highbernation? Let us help! Hit us up with any questions, because we love weed, do you?

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