8 ways Cannabis can Improve your Summer!

The dog days of Summer are right around the corner! And how can you take your long, hot, school-free (if your are in uni or college) sunny days to the next level? Cannabis of course!  Here are 8 ways to heighten your summer vacation experience:

1. Take a Hike

Strap on your hiking shoes and get on the trail. Whether you live here on the Sea to Sky or no matter where you live, there are a number of excellent hikes not far from your front door. Not an avid hiker? Don't worry! Whether you are a beginner or a hard-core climber, hiking with cannabis is sensory treat. Read our blog on Cannabis and the outdoors here.

2. Fly a Kite

Flying a kite may be one of the most satisfying, easy ways to spend a lazy afternoon. Add a little cannabis and it is even better. All you need are three things: A kite, wind and a little cannabis. What can be more relaxing on a sunny day with a warm breeze than watching your kite dip and bob with a mellow buzz.

3. Gaze at the Starry Night

This may be the best way to enjoy cannabis with someone you love. And it costs nothing for this date night. Grab a blanket and find a nice patch of grass or sand, cuddle in a hammock, or climb into the bed of your truck. Enjoy cannabis together then simply snuggle and let your minds ponder the mysteries of the cosmos together.

4. Camping

Wait until the camp and tent is set up before you indulge but taking some cannabis along with you on a camping trip could be just as important as firewood and bug spray. There is nothing like sitting back, wi-fi free and enjoying nature while enjoying cannabis to help you forget about all your troubles. Check out our blog on Camping with Cannabis here

5.  Suntan and Wave Watch on the Beach

Settle into a beach chair and close your eyes to listen to the waves crash into the beach as you let the sun's rays warm your skin. Or sit back and watch the waves rush in and retreat. Nothing can a be more cathartic cannabis experience.

6. Binge Watch a new show

Maybe its too hot and you need to hide where it is cool and protect your sun kissed skin. Spend a lazy summer night catching up on your favorite binge-worthy program. Or a triple feature a list of your favorite  movies.

7. Go to a Professional Baseball game

Maybe you are not a sports fan, but even the least athletic enthusiast will enjoy smoking and watching the lazy game of baseball in the stadium. And go ahead, eat a hot dog or popcorn.... It will taste better.

8. Go to an outdoor concert

Buy tickets to an outdoor show and make sure to take along cannabis because there's nothing like vibing to your favorite music while on a buzz

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