A guide to Pipes: A novice to expert favorite

Pipes are a favorite among many marijuana smokers because of their portability and simplicity.  They offer a cleaner smoke than a joint or blunt (not as clean as a bong or bubbler), and are small enough to take anywhere discreetly.  Pipes are popular as they regarded as the easiest, most basic way to smoke marijuana. Pipes, also, lend themselves to beginners or those who do not like to get overly high, as they offer smaller tokes and are less assuming and intimidating.


The pipe is only one piece, with a bowl at one end to load the cannabis and a larger hole to place your mouth and inhale on the other.  The pipe usually has a small hole called a carb or choke which is used to allow air flow.  A carb allows the chamber to be cleared while smoking from the pipe.  Hold your thumb over the carb while taking a toke or inhaling then release to allow fresh air to fill the pipe chamber, clearing the desirable smoke. Note that not all pipes have a carb, and so if you prefer one, make sure to check.


A pipe can be made of many materials such as glass, ceramic, wood, silicone, plastic or metal.  Some single use pipes can be made of aluminum but this is very toxic, and harmful to the lungs.  The material a pipe is made of is important to consider as they can have drastically different cleaning methods (Follow our blog for cleaning help and advice), or be more or less effective at delivering the smoke. The material a pipe is made of is also important to consider for fragility, as glass pipes, while being the most popular, are also, notoriously fragile and easy to break.




Glass pipes are the most popular and desirable of pipes, as they do not get as hot and offer clean hits.  Glass pipes are also transparent and users enjoy watching the smoke in the pipe, as well, they come in beautiful designs and colors.  However, as mentioned above they are fragile and cost more, so they must be taken care of.  They are also one piece, so cannot be disassembled and are harder to clean.  Glass pipes need to be soaked in cleaning solution regularly to maintain.

Some factors that need to be considered when buying a pipe beyond the material it’s made of are the holes on the bowl. If the holes are too small, the airflow of the pipe could be less than desirable, and it increases the difficulty of cleaning. On the other hand if the holes are too large, you would need to apply a screen for the bowl to prevent your weed from falling in and clogging it. Also, if the pipe is glass, make sure the glass is the good quality, as thicker glass is going to be a lot stronger and reliable.

When selecting your pipe make sure to consider all these factors, and if you need help, hit us up because…. We love weed, do you?

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