Ash Catchers: Got Ash? We’ll catch that.

You have the perfect bong but you hate cleaning it, so how can you easily preserve it and make it last as long as possible, as well as get the cleanest tokes possible? The answer is an Ash Catcher. An ash catcher is a bong attachment that, as the name indicates, traps dirt, debris, ash and resin before entering your bong. An ash catcher adds another layer of filtration that will significantly reduce the need to clean your bong (although not eliminate your bong cleaning duties), and generate cleaner, cooler smoke to enjoy.


There are 3 main types of ash catchers: Plain, Diffusers and Percolators.  All have bowl or a female joint to connect to a bowl, a chamber and a joint to connect to your bong.


Plain Ash Catchers: Plain ash catchers which send your smoke through a chamber which may or may not include water before entering your bong.  Ash catchers with water in the chamber will cool and clean the smoke more effectively (read here to learn more), but either way the ash catcher will collect most of the debris and ash.

Percolation Ash Catchers: Most all ash catchers that utilize water in the chamber will include a percolator and are the most popular (read more about percolators here). There are many styles of percolators but all do an excellent job to further cool and filter the smoke. One side effect, however, is splashback in which water comes up into the bowl from the chamber.



Diffuser Ash Catchers:  Diffusion ash catchers feature a percolator but do not contain or utilize water.  The percolator filters and diffuses the smoke in the air before sending through to your bong. There is no risk of splashback as the ash catcher does not contain water, however they are more difficult to clean and do not cool or filter the smoke as well as those with water.

Once you have decided on a syle of ash catcher, its important to buy an ash catcher that fits your bong. To find the perfect fit you must consider: angle, size, gender and weight.


Angle: Joints are usually 90 or 45 degrees.  Make sure the angle of your bong and the ash catcher match or it will render the ash catcher useless as it will be too high or too low to function.


Size:  Your bong and ash catcher will need to have the same size joint. Joints are 3 common sizes, 10mm, 14mm or 18mm. Adapters are available and can be useful to make 2 pieces fit if they are different sizes.


Gender: Your bong will either have a female or male fitting, and you will need an ash catcher with the opposite gender for them to connect. Again, as with size, adapters are available and can be useful to make 2 pieces fit if they are the same gender.


Weight: Ash catchers can be big, elaborate and heavy (especially with water added to them).  If an ash catcher is much larger and heavier than your piece it will cause the whole apparatus to topple and be unstable. Consider the weight of your piece and the ash catcher before connecting them.


When selecting your ash catcher make sure to consider all these factors, and if you need help, hit us up because…. We love weed, do you?

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