Bowls: set your piece apart

One of the unparalleled advantages of a full size water pipe is the ability to customize them with removable glass parts like a bowl, or ash catcher.  Every water pipe needs a bowl to properly function.  Glass bowls are packed with cannabis and then, hold them for ignition.  Bowls range from standard, to decorative and are vary in function, color and shape.  A wide selection of bowls are sold separately so if your friend clumsily drops yours, or if you wish to upgrade the one that came with your piece, it’s easy to find a new one.


The most important feature of a bowl is that it fits your desired piece.  Bowls come in both female and male gender, as well as, 14mm and 18mm in size.  If your water pipe has a 18mm female joint, you will require a 18mm bowl that is male, for instance.

The quality and design of bowls varies significantly.  The first feature to note is the hole or holes in a bowl.  A bowl may have one singular hole or several, and the size of the holes is important.  Holes that are too small will not allow enough air flow and clog quickly, but those too large will allow cannabis to fall through.  Some bowls have an inset with multiple holes that create a conjoined screen which then prevents your flower from being lost and dirtying your pipe.  The size of the bowl is, also important, as it will determine how much product you can pack.  Mind the thickness of the bowl, as thicker glass will be more resilient and last longer.  For those looking to deck out their piece glass bowls become intricate ornamental designs that range from colored bulbs, to diamonds and skulls to meet any desire.

A bowl is an essential and central part of your experience with a water pipe, and can distinguish and set your bong apart. From colour to shape be sure to consider all these factors while selecting your bowl, and if you have any questions hit us up… because we love weed, do you?

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