Bubblers the Hybrid of the Glass World

A bubbler, aka bubbler pipe or mini-bong, is a hybrid between a pipe and a bong (click on the following links read more about pipes and bongs on our blog). A bubbler is small, and therefore gives the portability of a pipe; however, it has a water chamber which produces limited cooling and filtering qualities of a water pipe or bong. Water filtered and cooled hits often come at the cost of carrying a larger water pipe, but the bubbler offers a functional option that is more discrete and space-conscious. The bubbler offers smoother, softer hits than a pipe without lugging around a larger water pipe.
Bubblers feature a mouthpiece, a bowl (can be removable or not), and some have a carb hole not unlike a pipe; however, in a bubbler the stem is built around the bowl and delivers smoke to a small amount of water which then filters and cools it (read more about the science of water filtration in our water pipe post).

To use a bubbler fill the small chamber with cold water and pack the bowl with ground cannabis. If your bubbler has a carb, cover it with your thumb or finger. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and light the bowl. Inhale gently, but consistently to draw up the smoke. Then remove your thumb or finger from the carb to let fresh air in, clear the smoke and complete the hit.

The advantages of a bubbler are given by its size and ease of use. However, the bubbler has many limitations. Firstly, it cannot cool or filter as well as a full size water pipe, simply because it has a much smaller chamber. Secondly, most bubblers do not have a removable bowl, and are one single piece making them more difficult to clean. Finally, they do not have the ability of customization or luxury of a full bong or water pipe. Also, while bubblers are great for on-the-go quick, smooth tokes, they do not lend themselves to sharing in a group.

When selecting your bubbler make sure to consider all these factors, and if you need help, hit us up because…. We love weed, do you?

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