Camping with Cannabis

"There is no wifi when camping... but I promise, you will find greater connection" Unknown


Camping season is upon us in Canada as May Long weekend approaches with wild enthusiasm from cannabis lovers. But why should you try... camping with cannabis?

Sometimes you need to disconnect to reconnect to nature and life as it should be. Everyday we are immersed in our phones, tablets, and social media that we’ve lost the ability to have true relationships and live within the moment. Camping is one of the best and healthiest ways to inspire a return to living mindfully, and connecting with those we love and care about: our fiends and family. It allows us to reconnect with nature as it is often forces us out of cell service range. As we camp it strengthens our relationships and forms lasting memories by encouraging us to work together as a team or unit.

And like bread and butter, camping and cannabis go well together. There’s nothing like a shared bowl or joint to truly enhance the outdoor experience (see our blog on Outdoors and Cannabis), whether it’s while you’re hiking, fishing, or just bonding while roasting marshmallows by the campfire.


When camping with cannabis be sure to set up camp first (setting up while high may not go well!) Also, depending on where you camp and courtesy for fellow campers, it can be easy or difficult to get away with passing a joint or glass around the camp ground; For the most part, out in the forest is the best place to toke outside but it’s illegal on federal land, so don’t do it at a National or Provincial Park ground. Try and pick location well away from crowds or you might risk a park ranger coming across your smoking circle or, at a busy campsite with a complaint from the family camped next door.

If you are planning on hiking or backpacking, you probably won’t want to carry around a glass bong when you have precious little space for your items. In this case, a small pipe, a vape pen or rolled joints are ideal . We recommend a pipe like the 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt for portability (mind its still fragile!). However, if you are planning on sitting lakeside and soaking up the sun, you may choose to bring your bong, just make sure its at least 7mm thick for extra durability. Generally, vape pens are the most discreet option for camping as they are odorless, flameless and generally do not bother other campers (see our post on vaporizers). However, there is nothing wrong with being a die-hard joint smoker or taking a bong hoot! Just be careful of any fire hazards and smell that may drift over to other campsites.

To pack make sure you bring your kit, an extra lighter and LOTS of snacks and food. Make sure to bring a plethora of activities to enjoy your sesh like cards, games, a guitar or musical instrument and lots of tales for the campfire. Also, you may want to try camp inspired strains such as Girl Scout Cookies which is a 60:40 Indica/Sativa mix perfect for euphoria and campfire relaxing.

But Always Remember... toke respectfully so that everyone may continue to enjoy our cannabis alongside beautiful parks and lakes!


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