Dabbing Essentials: What you need to smoke concentrates

Smoking concentrates is a whole new ball game to smoking herb. It is, however, rewarding in that hits do not contain the ash and particulates and are much stronger and pure. Smoking concentrates, or dabbing, is intimidating as it requires new equipment, set up and technique. Here is a handy guide to help you on your way, with the essentials to dabbing:
 1. The first thing absolutely required for dabbing is a dab rig and nail or banger. A rig is a modified water pipe that has either a male or female glass joint (14 mm or 18 mm) to hold a nail or banger instead of a connector for a typical pullout for dry herb . The banger has the same connection as a dry herb pullout while a nail has a long projection. The nail or banger is made of titanium or quartz and is heated with a torch extremely hot so when a concentrate is placed onto it, it vaporizes upon contact.
Dab rigs range in size and quality. Whether you prefer a small little rig that fits in the palm of your hand or a table top sized piece, it really depends on your own portability and hit preference. Smaller rigs with less water volume give a more direct hit with lots of flavor. Larger, ornate rigs with higher water capacity provide smoother hits with a trade-off of a slight loss of flavor. Be mindful of the design of the rig, because anything top-heavy will likely take a spill at one point or another. Better designs are low-profile with a heavy, sturdy base and thick walls.

2. The next thing required is a dabber. The dabber can be ornate or simply functional.  The dabber delivers the sticky, messy concentrate to the crazy hot banger... neither of which can be done with fingers.
3. A butane torch will be needed to heat the banger hot enough to vaporize the concentrate.

4. A dab mat is an essential accessory. Dabbing is messy, and if a valuable dab is dropped not only does a dab mat save the surface, but make it possible to salvage the dab. Its not slippery and supports the rig, but also keeps your dabbing area clean and safe.

5. The final piece is a carb cap.  Like the carb on a water pipe, the carb cap controls air flow and holds or releases the hit. The carb cap has to withstand the vaporizing heat of the banger, and therefore must be high quality quartz or metal.

This is a complete list of essentials for anyone experimenting in dabbing... have any questions?  Hit us up! Because... we love weed... do you?

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