Foods that Enhance Your High and How They Do It

Did you know there are certain foods you can eat that can actually enhance your high? Well there are... and here are 4 that will take your next sesh next level:



1. Chocolate: Chocolate is well known to produce bliss. That is because chocolate contains anandamide, the same chemical compound found in cannabis that is known to produce feelings of euphoria. Therefore, consuming chocolate and cannabis together will activate more receptors in the brain that make you feel even more euphoric.


2. Mangoes: Mangoes naturally have a high content of a compound called myrcene. Myrcene is particularly fond of THC, and binds to THC receptors in the brain. Therefore, eating a mango about 30 minutes to an hour before you smoke that blunt, bowl, joint, or dab can not only increase your high, but make it come on faster and last longer.

3. Green or Black Tea: Black or Green tea are both high in catechin, an antioxidant that has a particular affinity with CB1 receptors in the brain. When consumed with cannabis, the tea can increase feelings of peace and relaxation. So if you are feeling stressed, make sure you smoke with a cup of tea to improve your mood.

4. Nuts: Nuts such as walnuts, beechnuts, and pecans, are high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These fatty acids are known to up-regulate CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors regulate sleep, appetite, mood and pain, while CB2 receptors manage swelling and inflammation. But on top of this effect, The Omega 3 fats bind with cannabinoids to create a longer lasting high that takes effect much quicker.

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