How Cannabis can keep you safe from Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

To protect yourself and others from coronavirus (COVID-19) it has been recommended to socially distance and limit your contact with others. There may never be a better time to make the excuse to stay home, spend time outdoors or bake. Here are the 3 activities we recommend which have a low danger to contracting or spreading coronavirus that cannabis (and Los Hieberos) can help you with:


1. Self Isolation: Grab a new piece or stock up on your favorite papers and "high"-bernate at home for a while. Need tips? Read our blog on Highbernation: click here.


2. Go Oustide! Go for a hike, walk your dog and take your piece and flower with you. Read our blog on going outdoors with cannabis: click here.


3. Bake with cannabutter! Why not use your time to do come baking at home, and infuse it with cannabis. Here are instructions to make your own cannabutter:

-Use 2 ounces of cannabis (ground) for every stick of butter

-Bring butter to boil on medium heat, then reduce heat to low.

-Add Cannabis and allow to simmer for 2.5 hours on low heat

-Remove from heat, and pour butter over cheesecloth into a container to remove solid herb. Put the container in refrigerator to harden. 

And remember, you can shop online! Here are the reasons yous should stay at home and shop Los Hierberos from the comfort of your bed or couch!

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