Keeping it Fresh: How to Clean your Glass

No one likes dirty glass because nothing ruins the taste of a rip more. The good news is maintaining your glass is relatively easy and painless. To make and keep your bong, bubbler or glass pipes clean requires only basic cleaning. Removing tough areas and stains requires minimal added effort on top of regular cleansing. In fact the entire cleaning process can be done in only 4 easy steps and a few materials (see our graphic below).

For materials, we recommend latex gloves to protect your soft hands, as extra potent rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) is especially drying and harsh. The higher concentration of alcohol you use the easier the job is, so although 70% is minimal recommended, we suggest 99% for better results. Once you have your gloves on wash your glass with warm water.  Don't use soap if it can be avoided, it leaves a residue and taste to your tokes otherwise.  Warm water is the first step in preparing your bong for cleaning.  Make sure you get as much spent herb, ash and debris out as possible.  Dab rigs generally only require warm water as they do not get the debris that bongs, bubblers and pipes collect.
Once your glass has been pre-washed in warm water, remove any removable smaller pieces like the bowl from your bong. Place the smaller pieces or in the case of a small glass pipe, the entire piece, in a zipper plastic bag.  Sprinkle the glass with course salt and pour the rubbing alcohol on top until all the glass is covered.  Soak the glass for as long as necessary and shake the bag vigorously. If your washing a bong or bubbler that doesn't fit in a bag, pour alcohol into the chamber with salt, cover any holes and shake.  Soak and shake until all the resin and ash are removed and then rinse with warm water. Especially dirty pieces may need to be soaked over night to fully dissolve the debris. After the main cleaning is performed use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to reach the tough stains and areas in the glass.
This simple procedure can keep your glass and your hits fresh.  Have any questions? Hit us up, because we love weed, do you?

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