One Hitter Pipes: Hit me baby one more time.

A One Hitter aka a bat or chillum, is a small pipe and as the name suggests it only holds a small amount of cannabis; enough for one hit. One Hitters are the most discrete of all accessories, and can be packed and carried easily. One Hitters are simple in construction, like pipes, and are made of various materials, mainly ceramic, metal or glass. Chillums are shaped as a straight tube much like a cigarette or small cigar. On one end of the chillum is the bowl, and on the opposing end is the mouthpiece. Some One Hitters are designed to mimic a cigarette, while others have the ornate designs of blown glass like full pipes.

One Hitters are small and compact in size, making them incredibly discrete. Perfect for a low key hit, the bat delivers a quick toke without a continuous stream of smoke like that produced from a joint. Furthermore, unlike the traditional pipe, the bowl of a bat is not obvious in shape, and so lighting it mimics the same motion as lighting a cigarette or cigar.

One Hitters have become even more popular with the micro-dosing movement and cannabis use in the medical community. For patients or consumers with low tolerance, one hitters allow a smaller, accurately measured hit which is reliable and pleasurable without delivering an overabundance of cannabis.


Among avid marijuana users, one hitters are admired for their aid in the conservation of the stash and the limitation of cannabis use; as well as ensuring every hit is fresh and tasty. This is because when packing bowl, it’s easy to pack it full, and depending on the accessory used this can require a great deal of marijuana. For those who need or desire to smoke alone and cannot finish the entire bowl, this results in returning to a half smoked bowl. The ultimate consequence of this is flavorless, singed cannabis and tasteless hits. The One Hitter or bat has only a small tip to be filled and is therefore, perfect to limit the amount of cannabis smoked at a time and beyond this ensures fresh bud with every hit.

One Hitters are also very easy to use, especially for beginners. Using them requires packing the bowl fairly tightly, so the cannabis does not fall out when held or whilst lighting. The bat is lit much like a cigarette as the bowl is at the opposing end of the mouth piece. Once ignited, the user inhales, holds then releases. After release simply tap the end of the bat or blow through the mouthpiece to empty it, and your chillum is ready to load again.

When selecting your One Hitter make sure to consider all these factors, and if you need help, hit us up because…. We love weed, do you?


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