Outdoor Adventures with Cannabis: Tips on your next Outdoor Sesh

Spring is on our doorsteps, which means most of us, especially in beautiful B.C., are dusting off our hiking boots, packing our knapsacks and setting off for adventures in nature. Cannabis makes a natural companion for explorers – the cathartic experience of smoking in fresh air that makes us feel more connected to the great outdoors. Before heading off on your next hike, make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to be both safe and considerate with your cannabis use.

What you will need to pack:

1. Water: And lots of it. Nothing worse than dry mouth with no relief. Plus smoking cannabis requires an increase of fluids to stay hydrated.

2. A lighter: Its rough to have your piece or joint ready and realize... you have nothing to light it

3. A portable piece or joint: Most hikers prefer a small pipe, bubbler, or joint for portability and to avoid breaking their favorite piece or lugging around one far too large.

4. Herb: Some strains are actually named after their use in the great outdoors, such as Peak Leaf's Alpine Breeze.

5. Kit: Back up papers are a must if you brought glass. But also, bring anything you need in your kit such as your grinder, papers and tools.

6. Snacks: Both hiking and smoking can cause some serious munchies requirements.


What you will need to be mindful of:

1. Legality: Even though its legal in privacy, smoking cannabis in Provincial parks and public areas where children may be present is still illegal in Canada.

2. Ashes, sparks and fires: Especially as the weather gets warmer and the forest and trees get dry. Tossing your ashes or lit roach unsafely could have catastrophic consequences on the environment during forest fire season. Be sure to adhere to the conditional fire laws in your area.

3. Safety: Know your route, travel with friends and don't consume too much. Common sense goes a long way when hiking.

4. Be respectful: Don't smoke around others and crowds, just like cigarettes, not everyone wants to smell your smoke. Leave no trace and clean up if you have trash. The golden rule is: PACK IN, PACK OUT.

Wishing you safe and happy trails from Los Hierberos, because we love weed do you?

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