Pass the Kutchie on the Left hand side: Joint Etiquette 101

Those who smoke know that there are some unspoken, and well accepted rules to follow in every sesh. If you are new and nervous, we’ve put together a few tips to guide you through proper weed etiquette. 

1. He who rolls, sparks and smokes first. Its customary for the person who pack the bowl, or rolls the joint to take the first pull.

2. Pass to the left. Whether it be a joint, or glass, its usual to pass to the left. This keeps it orderly and everyone knows when its their turn.

3. Don't hog the joint! Puff, puff, pass. Don't take more than you should every round.

4. Ash it before you pass it. Before you pass, make sure to ash it for the person on your left.

5. Crush the roach. If the joint is down to the roach, put it out, don't pass it on.

6. Don't be a mooch. Everyone is willing to share their weed, but don't be that person who never brings the flower. Make sure you take your turn providing the herb for the sesh.

We hope this helps you out! If you want to learn how to roll check out our blog for help here. AND... Let us know if we left any rules out, because we love weed, do you?!

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