The 9 Best Places and Events to Smoke Cannabis

There are many experiences that can be enhanced with cannabis, but we at Los Hierberos decided to make a list of our top 9.  So without further ado, here they are:

 9. The Movies: Taking a toke and then buying tickets for the theater can be challenging, but the experience of watching a film with surround sound and 3D effects, while on cannabis, is true entertainment.

8. At a House Party: The vibe of hanging out with good friends at a house party with cannabis is a chill bonding experience.

7. At the Beach: Both watching and listening to the waves while on cannabis is a cathartic experience... add a sunset and this is prime.

6. At a bonfire: Passing a joint on a dark and chilly night, in your hoodie, cuddled to someone special by the bonfire is a choice experience.

5. At a big dinner: Is there a better way to enjoy nom noms?

4. Music Concert: Whether an outdoor festival or a banging indoor concert, cannabis takes the experience to the next level.

3. Theme Park: Riding the roller coaster while high on cannabis makes the sensations that more intense and amazing.

2. At the end of a hike: Taking a smoke to celebrate a successful trek to the top of a mountain and to take in the view.

1. In bed: There's a reason why wake and bake is a favorite among cannabis users. If you want to relax and enjoy your down time in bed, there is simply no better way to do than with cannabis.

That's our top 9 places or events to experience cannabis. Did we miss something on our list?  Let us know... because we love weed, do you?

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