The Basics of Rolling Papers

The basics of rolling papers are as simple as 1, 2, or 3: wood fiber, hemp or rice paper. When it comes to materials that make rolling papers there is no superior kind, it comes down to personal preference and often the experience the smoker is seeking. Some of the factors to consider for type of rolling paper are environmental impact, ease of rolling, taste, and burn rate.

Wood pulp papers are the most common and traditional, and the same type of paper used for cigarettes or even notepads. Wood pulp papers are the least environmental or renewable, and can be bleached or natural brown fiber. Wood pulp burn fast and dirty which adds abundance of ash to the smoke; therefore, the taste (and aftertaste) is the most noticeable and undesirable in comparison to the other materials. The ash is increased with the processing of the paper (white bleached papers have more of a noticeable flavor than natural brown). Wood pulp papers are therefore the least healthy from a personal health perspective, as the smoke is the most contaminated and ashy. However, for beginners these papers are arguably the easiest papers to roll, and certainly some of the most available options. 

Hemp papers are made typically from 100% hemp fibers and are primarily unbleached. Hemp papers are generally thicker than wood fiber and have a more texturized feel. The texture of hemp papers makes then relatively easy to roll and grip. The burn rate of hemp papers is, also, slower than wood fiber and stays lit well, which is ideal for sharing. The flavor of hemp papers is noticeable but can be described as sweet and musky, and even desirable. As an added bonus hemp papers are the most renewable and environmental option.

Rice papers are made with processed rice but can include sugar and additives such as flax. They are the thinnest papers and have the least texture, making them more difficult to roll. Rice papers burn slow, and often require re-lighting if not smoked quickly. Rice papers have no noticeable taste, and produce the cleanest smoke. They allow you to enjoy a pure cannabis flavor not available with the other types of papers. Environmentally they are renewable and a better option that wood fiber.

When selecting your papers make sure to consider all these factors, and if you need help, hit us up because…. We love weed, do you?

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