The Science and Sensations of Water Pipes

Cannabis lovers know there is a limitless variety of sensations and flavors that can be experienced. So why should you try a water pipe, aka bong? The simple answer is it produces a unique experience that is smoother, cooler, easier toke than smoking. Many bong users love that it is easier to pack then fill with water, and does not require rolling a joint which can be time consuming and leave your hands smelling.  The odor of smoke from a water pipe is lessened and therefore its more discrete as well. The bong also allows users to get the most out of their cannabis, as one can milk tokes and burn it more efficiently.

To understand the full benefit of using a water pipe or bong, you must understand a bit of the chemistry of smoking cannabis.  Burning cannabis produces smoke which contains desirable chemicals such as THC, CBD and other cannabinoids but also nasty by-products such as tar and particulate ash.  When using a bong or water pipe the smoke is bubbled through the water which gives 2 main benefits: firstly, cooling the smoke, and secondly removing tar and particulates.  The THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are not lost or filtered in the water, as they do not dissolve in it (much like oil will not mix in water), and so while tar and ash are removed from the smoke, none of the desirable components are.  The result is dirty brown water and, cleaner, cooler smoke. Therefore, water pipes result in a toke that is less irritating to the lungs and user. 


Beyond the science the water pipe offers a unique experience to its user.  Each water pipe is unique and the size of the chamber determines the amount of breath required to clear the smoke. Each glass pipe can hit differently and offers a varying experience and sensation that is determined by factors like the amount of water used, or if the bong has a feature to add ice.  Adding ice to the bong cools the smoke even further than water, as well, more water in the water pipe provides a slower, heavier pull as the smoke takes longer filter and collect.  Contrarily less water provides a lighter toke. The experience of a bong becomes very personal and unique, many people become very attached to their water pipe and even name it.

Tips for the best glass experience are to clean regularly. A dirty bong will give a nasty taste to the user, while a fresh glass gives the best hit. (Stay tuned to this blog for cleaning tutorials and tips)


When selecting your glass make sure to consider all these factors, and if you need help, hit us up because…. We love weed, do you?

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