Vaporizers: An Introduction

Vaporizers offer a plethora of benefits. Not only are there health benefits, a high performance vaporizer offers reliable precision, efficiency, privacy, safety, and flavor. Vaping in place of smoking can make consuming cannabis at home possible without leaving the characteristic smell and help make public consumption possible without stigma. Discreet in both aroma and appearance, but strong in taste and effect, portable vaporizers can even allow you to blaze unbeknownst to anyone else in your company. Each vaporizer type caters to different  preferences and lifestyles, they also range in price so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself on the basics before making a commitment to invest in one. There are 3 main types of vaporizers: Table top, portable flower and portable oil or concentrate. Each can be compared by price, power source, portability, and function.

Table Top Vaporizers:

These are large vaporizers that plug into a wall outlet for power.  They offer little to no portability, so they are not an option for those hoping to tote around their flower.  Table top vaporizers lend themselves to someone to is looking to toke regularly in the privacy of their own home in a specified location. These vaporizers come with a hose-like mouthpiece and/or a bag that fills with the vapor which allows the user to inhale at a desired pace.

While these stagnant vaporizers do not offer any portability, they have the most advanced technology among vaporizers. The technology is dependent on investment and some better devices can cost several hundred dollars. The top performing table top vaporizers offer precise and adjustable temperature control to allow for maximum cannabinoid and terpene combustion. They allow the user to experiment with temperature to maximize the burning of their desired terps and cannabinoids.


Portable Flower:

The portability of these vaporizers is the only reason to invest in this type of device, as they offer no other advantage over table top apparatuses. The temperature on these devices is fixed and often not accurate.  Cannabis can be lost or burnt ineffectively in a portable flower vape. Although some portable flower vaporizers do offer different temperature ranges, they are not as reliable or precise as table top devices and often results in ineffective and incomplete burning of terpenes and cannabinoids.


Portable Oil or Concentrate:

These portable vaporizers are not yet legal in Canada, as concentrates are not included in the Cannabis Act.  However, they offer superior functionality than their portable flower counterparts. Portable oil vapes are perfect for enthusiasts of discretion and ease of use. Some come pre-loaded with product neatly contained in a sealed oil cylinder. Others can be filled with your own concentrates or oils. The oil cylinders hit smoothly and last a long time due to their potency. Loading your own concentrates can be tricky to get the correct consistency but offers the user to select their own products.


Be sure to consider all these factors when selecting vaporizor, and if you have any questions hit us up, because we love weed, do you?

Also for easy reference, the following table summarizes the types of vaporizers:


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